Takeaways from Tuesday’s midterms

Marijuana legalization won in Maryland, Medicaid expansion won in Republican South Dakota, and abortion rights supporters have won in Vermont and  Republican Kentucky.



November 9, 2022 - 1:59 PM

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, with his wife Christy, stand in line outside the Monaghan Presbyterian Church in Monaghan Township, Pa., to cast their ballots in the midterm election, November 8, 2022. Dan Gleiter | [email protected]

The midterm elections are neither a Republican landslide nor a Democratic surprise … but there is still a long way to go before we have winners in several key races, and control of the Senate isn’t likely to be known for a while.

Still, there are some clear lessons emerging from the night’s results. 

— Bad candidates cost the Republicans badly. Several Trump-backed extremists, including New Hampshire Senate candidate Don Bolduc and Pennsylvania gubernatorial contender Doug Mastriano, lost their races. Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker was running well behind more mainstream Republican candidates in the same state because voters split their tickets. 

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