Why the KC Star still endorses candidates

The heart of any endorsement should be an invitation to discuss, to engage, to rebut or amplify. We are, after all, not so much telling readers how to vote, but how we’d vote — and why. 



October 19, 2022 - 5:26 PM

Gov. Laura Kelly and Attorney General Derek Schmidt debate at the Sept. 10 Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson. JAIME GREEN/MCT

The Star’s editorial board is publishing a series of voter recommendations in Kansas and Missouri in the November election. We’ve long encouraged readers to vote, and voting means making tough choices. It’s my belief that if we’re asking voters to do the tough work of democracy, then we can’t in good conscience sit on the sidelines. 

That in a nutshell is why The Star makes recommendations in elections. We don’t expect our endorsements to sway a great many voters, though we’re told they do from time to time. Indeed, most of the races we offer endorsements in are so well-publicized that many readers will have made up their minds long ago. 

Still, there is value in the work my colleagues and I have done in evaluating these races and making a call, sometimes a very close one. In each recommendation, I hope you’ll find more than just an opinion. You should see a clear framing of the stakes in that particular election — a reason to care about the outcome, no matter your political preferences. You should also see clearly articulated specifics for why we favor this candidate or disfavor another. 

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