Congressional Republicans hint at national abortion plan

And Kansas lawmakers are already whispering about attempts to pass new abortion limits. The voters’ decision ‘does not mean the discussion has ended,’ GOP gubernatorial candidate Derek Schmidt said over the weekend.



September 15, 2022 - 3:21 PM

If Kansas Sens. Roger Marshall, left, and Sen. Jerry Moran support a national plan to restrict abortion, they will be going against the will of a majority of their constituents. Photos by Tim Carpenter of the Kansas Reflector

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s proposal to restrict abortion access in all states after a fetus reaches 15 weeks of gestational age is an affront to women’s rights and should be rejected. 

Every U.S. senator should oppose the plan, which the South Carolina Republican introduced Tuesday. 

But no senators have a greater responsibility to just say no than Roger Marshall and Jerry Moran, both from Kansas. Just six weeks ago, more than 540,000 Kansans said in an unmistakable voice that abortion access is a fundamental right in the state. 

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