It’s our job to see that Ukraine’s sacrifices are not made in vain

So far, talks between Russia and Ukraine representatives have made little progress. Putin seems intent on full capitulation to which Ukraine will not accede.



March 22, 2022 - 2:48 PM

A boy — what, maybe 5 years old? — in Lviv, Ukraine, looks somberly out from a train window on Saturday, March 19. More than 2 million refugees have fled their homes after the Russians invaded. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

The only solace for every life lost, every school, church and hospital bombed into smithereens in this senseless war in Ukraine is that it ultimately will prevent World War III.

At least that’s the hope.

Ukraine’s refusal to surrender to Russian President Vladimir Putin has put it in this most unfortunate position. Either they accept Russian dominance or they risk their lives defending their sovereignty.

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