Kansas at a crossroads for hope

Because of the pandemic and the awful siege on democracy that we’re witnessing in Washington, our state leaders hold a unique opportunity to do something good — build a better tomorrow for our state, together.



January 14, 2021 - 9:58 AM

The Kansas State Capitol Building

There was nothing combative about Gov. Laura Kelly’s annual State of the State message on Tuesday night. The governor spoke in bold and serious tones as she laid out her plan for a better Kansas — typical of this yearly speech which is known mostly for its cheerleading. 

As a Democrat, Kelly then was countered by Ty Masterson, Republican President of the Kansas Senate, who gave the official response.

Sure, they watched every word, knowing reporters would pick their scripts to pieces. But there was something in each of their eyes that was different this year. No doubt, the events currently playing out in Washington, D.C. tempered the tone of these two Kansas leaders — which was much appreciated by folks in the Sunflower State.