Hopefully, mural on school grounds yields forthcoming lessons

"We hope it will serve as a history lesson that as a country we have a shameful past of 200-plus years of slavery and laws that ensured white supremacy. Overcoming that shame is a long journey — for both sides — and requires much-needed dialogue."



August 19, 2020 - 9:22 AM

The original version of a parking stall painting at Iola High School included letters used as white supremecist symbols. The sign has now been painted over. This photo was cropped to protect the identity of four students. Photo by Twitter

In a massive mural endorsing President Donald Trump the relatively small abbreviations “WP” and “STK” were included.

White Power. Shoot To Kill. Or, as some maintain, Save The Kids. Either way, both send ominous messages. The first, obviously, promotes extreme violence. The latter, is a conspiracy theory manufactured by the white supremacist movement QAnon purporting Democrats are running underground sex-trafficking and pedophilia rings. 

The current cry for White Power is being promoted by those fearful of minorities usurping white authority. As if.

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