Let’s talk about race



December 6, 2019 - 5:03 PM

Prejudice is everywhere, and we have all experienced it in one way or another. We may have been discriminated against due to our religious beliefs, a handicap or our age. And, many of us have experienced it living in a small town. As we know, some people wrongly view people from a small town, regardless of their race, as “dumb hicks.” This is a type of prejudice that we can all relate to. However, we cannot all relate to prejudice and racism due to the color of our skin. 

Racial issues are difficult to discuss, but it is vital that we talk about it as a community as well as within our families. The issue with “Coon Creek” is a good opportunity for us to discuss the bigger issue of prejudice and racism and take action. 

I frequently hear people say “I’m not prejudiced,” however, in reality, all of us have prejudices. It is important to understand the difference between prejudice and racism as they are different. 

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