Letter to the editor — August 29, 2011

Dear Editor,
American Red Cross helps military and disaster victims
The American Red Cross was mandated by Congress in 1907 to do two things: To provide service to the military and to respond to disasters. That has been our primary mission for more than 100 years and continues to be that today.
We also have some “should dos” and “could dos,” such as disaster response training, lifeguard and water safety, CPR and first aid, but our main focus is assistance in disasters. We receive no tax money, no government grants, we are strictly supported by the generosity of the American people and all assistance is free.
There has been some concern over the closing of the Chanute office. We have been under the leadership of Pioneer Chapter of Coffeyville for several years now, and were only able to staff the Chanute office with volunteers and persons paid for by the SER Program.
The organization is undergoing some restructuring due to economic times, advances in technology and changes in population areas. There has not been, nor will there be any changes in our mission to provide relief in disasters, just in ways the assistance will be delivered.
We are still charged to respond to any disaster whether it be a single family fire or a major incident in a timely manner. We will still be accountable to our supporters and faithful donors that we depend upon to sustain our efforts. We still have volunteers in local communities that can respond quickly in case of need.
Call 1-888-460-1050 and someone will be dispatched to your area.
We are still here and it’s “Business as Usual.”

Donna Culver
American Red
Cross Volunteer
Iola, Kan.

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