Letter to the editor — December 26, 2014

Dear editor,
Has anyone else been having trouble with the postal service or is it just me? The trouble started last Christmas when an empty envelope from a Christmas card was returned to me marked “no contents.” The front — only — of another card was returned marked “damaged.” Then, the front — only — of a birthday card I mailed in February was returned to me. The card and, of course, the money, were gone. When I complained to the post office, I was told that there is such a volume of mail that sometimes the “machine” catches it. Perhaps the “machine” needs to be adjusted. However, the machine did a real neat job of cutting the front off the envelope.
The trouble continues this Christmas. Two people have notified me they received only the front of their card. No card. And these are just the ones I know about.
And mail is returned. If a word is misspelled or a number is missing, the post office refuses to deliver it, even if the receiver has lived at the same address in a small town for 50 years. Irritating. So, I wondered if anyone else has had this sort of experience.
Bonnie Johnson,
Iola, Kan.

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