Letter to the editor — April 23, 2015

Dear editor,
I thought Jim Gilpin’s letter was great. But there is another thing wrong with Kansas. It’s the people that vote only for the party.
I am a Republican but I have always voted for the person, not the party. I think some of these people have grown corkscrews on top of their heads. That is the only way they could bury their heads so deep in the sand that they couldn’t see what a mess we’re in because of the tax breaks for the rich.
We have a great-grandson who is autistic. He goes to the ANW Cooperative. They have done wonders with him and with continued help he will have a chance to become a productive person.
Now with all the budget cuts, they are forced to reduce staff. Many kids will suffer from this.
We have a friend that has gone to Tri-Valley for years. He is so proud of his job. He gets to be a productive person. He would be lost if they have to close Tri-Valley. The manager had a good article in the paper. He had a great idea in “The March on Topeka.” I’m ready to go.
Then the great plan on welfare reform. Sounds good, but when you take a commonsense look at it, IT STINKS. How could anyone with at least one brain cell working believe the one about someone on welfare taking a cruise. Where in this state could they find a job that pays enough to feed a family. Walmart doesn’t pay enough for one person to live on.
No business person in their right mind is going to bring a business to Kansas. Our son called from Florida. They are making fun of Kansas way down there, he said. It is a sad fact that very few of our politicians work for the common person’s good anymore. They have found that no matter what, these people will just keep voting them back in.
They know all they have to do is stick their noses up the rear ends of the super rich and all will be good for them — to heck with everyone else. If the Koch brothers ever get diarrhea our governor will drown.
— Maude Burns,
Iola, Kan.