Letter to the editor — September 11, 2018

Dear editor,
I am an 82-year-old woman who is disabled. I have spinal stenosis and had a total hip replacement about two years ago. I have had several back surgeries and I have a torn muscle in my hip from the surgery. There is nothing that can be done for my torn muscle in my hip and my leg is weak because of it. I am in pain when I have to walk because of it.
Two years ago I got a permit from the postmaster to have my mailbox placed by my door as I have a long driveway to my house and the mailbox was across the road. I gave the proper papers to my mailman to give to the postmaster and the mailman told me that I was approved to place my mailbox by my door, so I had someone do that for me.
The postmaster tells me now that it wasn’t approved for me to do that and wants me to move my mailbox northeast of my house where I have to go down steps and walk several steps to get my mail.
My local doctor has written a letter to the postmaster and so has my back doctor at KU Medical Center telling the postmaster that it was unsafe for me to do what the postmaster wants me to do because of my spinal stenosis and the torn muscle in my hip. I have been denied by the postmaster to leave my mailbox where it is and have had to go to the post office to pick up my mail and there isn’t any handicapped parking.
I thought there was a hardship clause for disabled persons to have their mailbox moved to where it would be more convenient for them to get their mail.
Yours truly,
Patricia McGhee,
Iola, Kan.


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