Letter to the editor — March 12, 2018

Dear editor,
I love Iola. When we moved to Iola in 1948, I was three years old and although I have practiced my profession primarily out of state, I consider Iola home. There have been lots of changes in that time, and it makes me sad to see how the businesses struggle in this area. Although I hate ads, it makes me happy to see the business cards in the newspaper so that I have current access to businesses I can patronize.
However, I have a suggestion, a simple one, really. If a company schedules an appointment with you at your home, and is unable to keep that appointment, please show respect with a call either the day prior or as soon as possible to cancel and reschedule. Life is messy, families get sick, jobs last longer than expected, supplies don’t arrive on time, etc., but the courtesy of a call would avoid waiting all day for a “No Show” appointment. The unspoken message is,“Our time is more valuable than your time!” We are all busy, some work multiple jobs, have family responsibilities, and there are plenty of volunteer opportunity needs in this town, which cannot be fulfilled if others are not respectful of your schedule. If you don’t wish to do the job, please be honest, and don’t  tell the customer what you think they want to hear, then fail to follow through. It takes courage to  disappoint people, but your reputation is at stake here.
I have called a business listed in the yellow pages and was told, “You called during the lunch hour and I am busy.” Then hung up on me. Perhaps the phone number has been reused and it was no longer the business, but I will never know.  I will not approach that business in the future.
It is unfortunate that we all are being hounded with solicitations on our cell phones. I have an out-of-state cell number, and have been told that local businesses will not  answer and switch to the “THE MAIL BOX IS FULL” message without the opportunity to leave a message indicating that I would like to use their advertised service.
One solution  might be that once the appointment time is agreed upon, that you ask the customer to call you back and leave a voice mail, confirming the appointment, if you are not in a place where you can write down the appointment. Ask them to include their phone number so that it is easily accessible if you need it on short notice. In this age of cell phones, we have lots of communication options. On the reverse, as customers, we need to be prepared for the arrival with the area cleared and perhaps a cup of coffee available.
I wanted to support our local businesses, but I have resorted to Do It Yourself or even contacting businesses out of town, who respect appointment manners.
Jeanne Myers,
Iola, Kan.

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