Letter to the editor — March 16, 2011

Dear Editor,
David Broder was a great journalist because he thought not to tell the whole story would be the same as a lie.
The late Paul Harvey made a whole career out of “That’s the rest of the story.”
The reader or listener has a conversational responsibility to not take every stance in one gulp.
A minister I knew thought more of a congregation that questioned or discussed his sermons.
A good congregation would not have followed someone like Jim Jones to their death with Kool-Aid.
To say that the terrible things in the news now are unique would be a mistake. The world in past times has had worse times.
It’s easy to say these are the events that are signs of the end, and easy to believe, as many have in the past, and left with nothing.
When someone says “You can’t take it with you,” they’d like to take it with them!


Jim Brownrigg,
Iola, Kan.

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