Letter to the editor — February 18, 2011

I’m writing about Green Beans Coffee, which has a service called COJ (Cup of Joe) and is located on the web at www.greenbeanscoffee.com.
This is an organization that supports the morale of our troops around the world by providing them with a simple cup of coffee and a note of encouragement. They work through donations.
Some of the notes I’ve gotten back are amazing, just like from a loved one. They were very appreciative.
The letters let soldiers know someone stateside cares about the job they’re doing.
I served in Vietnam in 1971-72, and have lived most of my life here in lola. I grew up here and moved back in 1999.
When I went over there I was a green flatland country boy. And being that far from home, and in a very unpopular war, I could have used something like that. Oh, I got letters from home and loved ones, and it helped, but it wasn’t the same as this could be. This lets them know that the people they are fighting for care. Care enough to send them a cup of coffee and a note of encouragement or thanks. As anyone who’s ever been in combat knows, the battle isn’t fought only on the battlefield, but in the mind as well. You’re fatigued, you wonder if it’s worth it, does anyone other than family really care.
This program, I feel, makes some difference and is an encouragement to our troops overseas.


Terry L. Lushbough
Iola, Kan.

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