Must feel good to actually take action against new virus

Most of us feel helpless when it comes to fighting the coronavirus. But if you're a scientist at K-State, you're in high demand.



March 11, 2020 - 9:57 AM

Kansas State University Library

When there’s a big national or international crisis, many of us want to do something about it.

We want to donate money, volunteer our time, wear ribbons. Some actions make a difference; some probably don’t. But doing something makes us feel, at least for a time, a bit less helpless.

The global outbreak of this new strain of coronavirus is the latest cause for concern. As it picks up steam, infecting and killing folks around the world, more and more people feel compelled to take action. With a virus, it’s clear that individual actions do make a difference. Whether you wash your hands or stay home from certain events, for example, could ultimately affect a lot of people.

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