Not a blue wave; but still a rebuke



November 8, 2018 - 11:28 AM

An ancient political adage holds that winning elections is about addition, not subtraction — that parties succeed by building the broadest coalitions they can. Donald Trump, who became president by defying the rules, tried to win Tuesday’s congressional elections a different way: through division. It didn’t work.

Trumpism finally met some limits, and the country is better for it. Not healed, not repaired — but better.

Democrats didn’t quite get the “blue wave” they hoped for. They lost at least two seats in the Senate, which will remain solidly under Republican control. But they achieved their primary target: They regained control of the House of Representatives, ending the GOP’s four-year hold on both houses of Congress. Now they can block whatever remains of Trump’s legislative agenda. More important, they can open serious investigations into the president’s conduct. That will make the next two years a very different experience than the White House has enjoyed with a compliant Republican Congress.

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