President’s photo op: Piety or politics?

Many saw the exercise as a photo op that exploited the holy book for partisan political purposes.



June 3, 2020 - 9:02 AM

I went through a mild-versioned “born again” phase in my late thirties because I needed assurance God would not desert me even though I was giving up on a marriage of 15 years.

The best thing I ever did during that time was join a women’s Bible study group which not only deepened my understanding of God but also showed me how enjoyable — and productive — it is to study as a group.  Of any book, the Bible has been parsed in inestimable  ways.

What I learned from those experiences and others since, is that to speak authoritatively about the Bible takes years and years of study. That’s not to say that my thoughts aren’t valid, but I will always consider myself a student.

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