Removing classes from Bowlus signals the end of an era



April 13, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Register editor

Iolans are witnessing the end of an era with the decision Monday by local school board members to stop using the Bowlus Fine Arts Center for the instruction of drama, art and music.

No longer will students from all walks of life experience the center as a matter of course. Instead, it will become an elitist institution by the fact that most events charge for admission — the very opposite of what benefactor Thomas H. Bowlus envisioned for Iola and its children.

For all the inconvenience the Bowlus posed to school administrators, it can’t be denied it offered a superior educational experience. The art room’s high pitched ceiling with natural light streaming in through the tall windows was a dream. Its acoustically designed rehearsal rooms reflected the slightest of intonations. Drama classrooms lined with mirrors were just steps away from a professional stage and auditorium with plush seats.

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