Synagogue shootings: Runaway hate turns lethal



October 29, 2018 - 10:31 AM

Father and son are seen holding each other at the B'nai Aviv Synagogue in Weston, Fla. on Sunday after a synagogue shooting in Pennsylvania took the lives of 11 people. (Jennifer Lett/Sun Sentinel/TNS)

The horror inflicted on a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday was not, as President Trump suggested, the consequence of worshiping without the presence of an armed guard. It for all the world appeared to be the act of a hate-filled man who saw validation of his anti-Semitism in white nationalist conspiracy theories and whose arsenal included an AR-15-style assault rifle, which has become the weapon of choice in murderous rampages.

Eleven Jewish Americans were shot and killed as they worshiped at the Tree of Life synagogue. It’s heartbreaking, outrageous — and cause for all Americans to ask what is going so awry in our nation.

Four armed and trained police officers were wounded as they confronted the suspect, making a mockery of the president’s claim that the “results would have been far better” if only the synagogue had an armed guard.

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