Thanksgiving 2020: Alone again, unnaturally

Alone and collectively, we will face the uncertainty. That resilience is our strength, for which we can give thanks.



November 23, 2020 - 9:04 AM

We’ve made our preparations for Thanksgiving Day. Maybe the bird on the table will be a turkey breast, a duck, a small slab of vegan roast, or something as tiny as a Cornish game hen. We’ve reduced the number of potatoes, the volume of stuffing.

We’ve also canceled the plane reservations or the plans for a long drive to a friend’s house. If we live alone, chances are that we will still be alone on the one day of the year when we’d been pretty much guaranteed the warmth and comfort of companionship. If we’re lucky, we’ve formed a social bubble with a couple of pals and will make a feast with them.

There doesn’t seem much to be thankful for as we approach this holiday. COVID-19 infection rates are surging again, as is the death rate.

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