Voting is your best chance for change

By prioritizing issues of food insecurity and poverty in southeast Kansas today, we can begin to build a better, safer, healthier tomorrow.



October 17, 2023 - 4:52 PM

Photo by Cyrus Crossan/UNSPLASH

With early voting now available, it’s important to vote to ensure your voice is heard on matters affecting our communities. Southeast Kansas consistently ranks low in voter turnout, but ranks highest in the state for food insecurity and poverty rates. 

Civic engagement plays a crucial role in creating healthier communities. When individuals are engaged in their communities, they are more likely to be aware of issues, like access to food, that affect them and their neighbors. This awareness can increase advocacy for policies that can help address the challenges of hunger and food insecurity.

As a lifelong southeast Kansas resident, I have seen the effects of food insecurity both personally and in my community. Food prices continue to rise, and families are struggling to keep up. When a person doesn’t know where their next meal comes from, the last thing on their mind is getting out to vote. 

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