Why St. Louis teachers hesitate on climate change



May 29, 2019 - 10:22 AM

Much like sex education and evolution, the teaching of climate change is the latest topic backed by a wealth of sound science forced to yield to political pressure from a small group of disbelievers. Growing numbers of teachers, in particular, say they worry about discussing climate change because they don’t want to suffer the wrath of parents with baseless beliefs.

An NPR poll released last week found that four out of five parents want climate change taught in schools. In the same poll, 86 percent of teachers supported the topic’s inclusion in lesson plans. But only 42 percent of teachers say that’s actually happening, and politics is probably to blame.

Among the respondents, 29 percent of teachers cited their fear of parental backlash for not teaching about climate change, while 4 percent are in schools that flat-out do not allow climate-change education.

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