A helping hand would be good start for EDP


November 9, 2017 - 12:00 AM

Here’s an opportunity for EDP Renewables to give the Moran area a leg up.
EDP’s proposal to install as many as 60 wind turbines has successfully worked its way through several meetings of the Allen County Planning Commission and received endorsement of county commissioners.
Rorik Peterson, EDP director of development, said the company would negotiate a payment in lieu of property taxes for the 10 years for which it is exempt. Starting in year 11, finance models indicate annual property taxes would be in excess of $1.2 million.
The company will recommend a portion of what it pays the county before tax responsibility sets in go to the advantage of the Moran area.
County commissioners on Tuesday began serious discussions about building new ambulance stations in Moran and Humboldt, to replace ones with barely adequate living quarters and ambulance bays.
Cost of one or the other remains at the behest of contractors’ bids, although expectation is in the neighborhood of $300,000 each.

THIS IS WHERE EDP can become a good neighbor — provide all or a major part for what a new ambulance station in Moran would cost.
That would give advantage to EDP, as well as those who live within the Moran ambulance service area.
Tim Thyer, Iola fire chief, and under whose department countywide emergency medical service operates, proposed to commissioners the new structures have two bays for ambulances and include space for life-saving equipment not now available in Humboldt and Moran stations.
A contractor for the EDP wind farm — Prairie Queen, the company calls it — will enlist scores of workers for several months to prepare massive foundations each containing up to 600 cubic yards of concrete, as well as bring in and erect towers of up to nearly 600 feet tall. That type of work is dangerous. If an accident occurs, having an ambulance quickly dispatched with up-to-snuff equipment at hand, would be a plus.
Also, when the wind farm goes online, as many as 15 repair, maintenance and management workers will be involved daily.
Taking an active role in the community in such a manner would be a great way for EDP to show it truly wants to be a good neighbor.

— Bob Johnson

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