Letters to the Editor – 9/28/17


September 28, 2017 - 12:00 AM

Dear editor,
I was disturbed after reading the article regarding the parking lot size for G&W Foods. Based on the remarks made by the county commissioners it appears they don’t appreciate G&W for bringing in a new grocery store that our community desperately needs.
If the commissioners have a concern with the money they have provided, have they spoken directly with G&W prior to making derogatory statements about them?
It would seem that the county will benefit from the sales tax collections from grocery sales. It has taken years to attract a grocery store to Iola. When our commissioners make these kind of remarks then our community should not expect to see other businesses moving into our community or old businesses wanting to stay.
A grocery store is an important component that helps attract growth to the community.
I am personally very excited to have G&W and hope they know the citizens of our community are glad to have them.
C.J. Lacey,
Colony, Kan.