[Readers’ forum] Dr. Duick to retire


October 21, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Effective Dec. 1, I am retiring from the clinical practice of cardiology and will no longer see patients at Allen County Hospital.
My practice partner of six years, Dr. Michael Lloyd, FACC, will continue to provide outreach cardiology clinics twice per month. Dr. Layne Reusser, FACC, will continue to share clinic responsibilities with Dr. Lloyd just as he done with me over the years.
At the request of Dr. John Atkin, I began my outreach cardiology practice at Allen County Hospital in June 1979. Over the many years I have come to appreciate the unique practice of the physicians at Allen County Hospital and their willingness to serve the Iola community and surrounding areas. I have admired their dedication to rural health care and they have become friends and colleagues of mine.
I would like to recognize these physicians who essentially have supported me — many from the beginning — and who continue to support our outreach cardiology clinic: Drs. John Atkin, Earl Walter, Frank Porter, Glen Singer, Brian Wolfe, Wes Stone, Tim Spears, Rebecca Lohman, Richard Hull (retired), Glen Carney (retired), Gordon Sipkins (retired) and their allied health care providers.
I want to thank Joyce Heismeyer, the current chief executive officer of Allen County Hospital, as well as previous hospital administrators for having the vision to embrace outreach clinics in order to bring specialty expertise to the Iola community. Without their support, our cardiology clinics never would have succeeded.
Thank you to the nurses, especially Denise Byrd, registered nurse, and Wanda Ard, RN, the emergency room staff, emergency medical staff and all the personnel at Allen County Hospital — you have truly made my experience a “home away from home.”
To the people of Iola: I have appreciated the privilege and opportunity to provide medical services to you, your siblings, your parents, relatives, grandparents and friends over the past 31 years. Now it is time for me to transition to more time with my wife and family.
As a final thought, please vote YES for a new hospital so that physicians and all health care providers can serve you for years to come in a contemporary environment. You deserve no less.

Gregory F. Duick MD, FACC
Wichita, Kan.

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