[Readers’ forum] Iola Industries supports new hospital


October 30, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Iola Industries has existed for over 50 years with its sole purpose being to attract, maintain and support jobs in Allen County. As a community, we have faced difficult times before and almost certainly will again in the future. Our viability as a desirable location to do business will continue to be determined by how we react to the challenges we face.
The most immediate challenge before us is the vote for a new hospital next Tuesday.
It is extremely important that we make the right choice.
We can, if we choose, let Allen County Hospital continue to age and slowly lose the services it has provided and lose its several million dollar payroll to Chanute, Parsons and Fort Scott. Or, we can choose to invest in our own medical community and reap the benefits within Allen County.
Choice number one would not be lost on our current employers and would undoubtedly make recruiting new ones more difficult. Choice number two will give us a fighting chance to compete in the future.
The Iola Industries Board strongly supports building a new Allen County Hospital.

John McRae, president
Iola Industries, Inc.

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