[Readers’ forum] Pets a great comfort


March 4, 2010 - 12:00 AM

Some animals will be put to sleep soon and they do not want to die.
What can we do to help? We can go to an animal shelter and play with them. Feed them and water them and give medicine to them and give them a bath so they will not die.
Take as many as you can! If you can take two dogs and two cats that is good. You are helping animals from a shelter even if you can get one dog or one cat. A lot of people think little dogs or cats are the ones to take, but big dogs and cats are the same. Big dogs and cats are fun, too.
If you help them they help you. If you are sad they cheer you up. If you are hurt they get help. That is why you should get a dog or cat from a shelter.
Animals can save your life!

Allie Utley,
age 7,
Iola, Kan.

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