December 18, 2019 - 10:16 AM

Landon Carson drives in for a layup against Burlington on Tuesday. The Mustangs lost 62-49 to fall to 1-1 in Pioneer League play. REGISTER/ERICK MITCHELL

BURLINGTON — The Iola Mustangs entered Tuesday’s Pioneer League matchup ranked ninth in class 4A. With recognition comes expectations, and the Mustangs failed to live up to their standard. 

A game based on physicality saw Burlington bully its way to a 62-49 victory over the Mustangs. 

“They were going to push the limits of what is a foul and what is not a foul,” head coach Luke Bycroft said. “That is just how they play, and if they get an officiating crew that is calling fouls, then they back off.  But this is not about the referees, and that they didn’t call fouls. We let them take us out of taking care of the ball.”

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