Conor two-thousand



November 7, 2019 - 9:57 AM

Conor Haviland rolls out of the pocket on Tuesday at a Cubs practice. REGISTER/ERICK MITCHELL

HUMBOLDT — Bright lights shine in Cub country as quarterback Conor Haviland yells “Saturday” to his offensive linemen. After delivering the call, Haviland grasps the ball from the shotgun snap, and proceeds to carry out his weekly Friday night routine — score touchdowns.

Thirty-three of Haviland’s touches have led to six points on the scoreboard for the Cubs in 2019. Twenty-eight percent of Haviland’s carries have turned into touchdowns, but his scoring prowess is not his only mind-boggling statistic. In nine games, Haviland has racked up 2,024 yards rushing  on 115 carries, and even more impressive is his 17.6 yards per attempt. 

“Everyone is going to say it’s his change of direction that makes him special, but I think it is just him understanding himself,” head coach Logan Wyrick said. “A lot of it also is that there is not a change in his speed. Once he gets going, and a cut happens, there is no slowing down.” 

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