Duck hunters feel moral obligation to further tradition



February 13, 2019 - 10:34 AM

Brad Brooks, left, and his wife Angie, not pictured, welcome fellow wild game foodies Becca Aceto, Alex Rheault and his brother Brian Brooks, right, among other hunters for a dinner night at their Boise, Idaho, home on Jan. 18. Among various sidedishes, they enjoy smoked duck from a recent hunting trip, as well as deer stroganoff, elk nachos and meatballs.

BOISE, Idaho ? At 6 a.m. in mid-January, a trio of hunters sat cloaked in layers of camouflage, waiting for first light when they could begin shooting during what would likely be one of the final duck hunts of the year.

With an hour before the hunt could begin, their decoys already floating in the water, the particle board duck blind disguised by sheafs of reeds and grasses, Brad Brooks, Ian Malepeai and Becca Aceto passed the minutes with fowl-focused conversation.

Aceto, who began hunting only recently, said she?d hunted nearby a few days prior with decent luck. Snowflakes started to flurry, and the hunters, cautiously optimistic, hunkered down with their eyes to the sky.

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