Granere a team player in personal success

Marmaton Valley junior Janae Granere has led her team offensively this season while crediting her teammates with much of it. She also is going overseas to play for Team USA in Spain this summer.



February 20, 2023 - 3:23 PM

Marmaton Valley's Janae Granere (24). Photo by Quinn Burkitt

Janae Granere has had an extremely successful basketball season with her Marmaton Valley High team this year. 

A junior, Granere has been a regular starter all three years of her high school career so far. This season Granere has taken on more of a leadership role along with seniors Madi Lawson and Tayven Sutton. 

“It’s great. They have helped me become the leader I am today,” Granere said. “Tayven and Madi have always lifted the team up so it’s something I’m very thankful for. Playing with these people has helped me be better. They also make it more enjoyable.”

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