Hess wins trap shooting event

Local Humboldt trapshooter Jaryt Hess won the Grand American Handicap competition in Sparta, Ill. this summer. He shared his thoughts on his trapshooting with the Iola Register the other day.



August 18, 2022 - 2:41 PM

HUMBOLDT — Jaryt Hess of Humboldt recently won the 123rd Grand American Handicap trap shooting competition in Sparta, Ill.

The Grand American is one of the biggest events of the trapshooting year and brings in about 3,000 shooters from across the country. The handicap portion of the competition in which Hess participated is considered the most prestigious event.  

“It was pretty fun, there were a lot of people there. It was a lot harder than shooting at the Kansas State Shoot,” said Jaryt Hess. “I hope to take it to college and I hope to get back to the 27-yard line on handicap which is one of the events that they do. The better you do, the farther you move back.”

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