The wheels on the bus raise coach’s ire

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid made not of Las Vegas's decision to take a victory lap around Arrowhead Stadium when the Raiders won their Oct. 11 matchup. The teams will square off again Sunday in Las Vegas.



November 19, 2020 - 9:28 AM

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes scrambles for yardage against the Las Vegas Raiders Oct. 1. Photo by Tammy Ljungblad / The Kansas City Star / TNS

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — It takes a lot to get Big Red to turn red.

When he’s not in the pressure cooker of an NFL sideline, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid is about as mild-mannered as it gets. He wears floral print shirts by Tommy Bahama, prefers sweat shorts to slacks, and the Southern Californian exudes the kind of surfer chic that comes with the laid-back lifestyle of the beach.

The sight of the Las Vegas Raiders doing a victory lap around Arrowhead Stadium in their caravan of buses after ending the Chiefs’ 13-game win streak last month? Well, that was enough to get under Reid’s rather thick skin.

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