Moran swim bus, library top wants



February 18, 2014 - 12:00 AM

MORAN — Thrive Allen County is making its way to each community in the area to learn more about their upcoming projects and concerns. Monday night was Moran’s chance to shine.
Moran Thrive hosted the meeting at its community center.
The city’s biggest project is trying to get a new library, said Kathy Ward, a Moran Thrive board member.
Moran Librarian Connie McWhirter has been trying to get this project going for many years now.
“We have tried to work on a grant for the library,” McWhirter said. “We need to have a lead contractor and have public support.”
The Moran City Council has said the current building, located at 327 N. Cedar St., is too old to update. McWhirter said many of the grants they have looked at involve having community support and proof the community will help with the project.
Don Burns, Gas Thrive board member, suggested gathering a group of supporters and taking them to a council meeting.

MORAN’S SWIM bus is also a concern, said Ward.
“We need to make a decision on the bus for the summer,” Ward said. “Our numbers were down last year.”
The bus takes children in the Moran area to the Iola Municipal Swimming Pool during the summer. The number of riders was anywhere from 11 to two last year. The group thought only driving to Iola once a week, down from two days a week, would be a savings.
A successful project in the community has been the monthly food distribution. On the first Friday of every month community members are able to pick up boxes of food. Ward said around 30 families and 50 to 79 individuals participate on a regular basis. The food donations come from the Chanute Walmart and community members.
Barbara Anderson encouraged the Moran residents to apply for the PRIDE STAR Community program.
“You’re already doing what you need to be doing,” Chalker said. “You might as well get recognition.”
Chalker works for the Kansas Department of Commerce.

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