A look back in time


December 5, 2019 - 10:23 AM

40 Years Ago

December 1979

The annual lutefisk supper at the Friends Home Lutheran church in Elsmore will be held this evening. The public is invited. Members of the community have been preparing for the celebration for weeks. The preparation of the lutefisk alone has been going on for the past week. Mrs. Fred Cunningham is chairman for this year’s supper. No one is certain when the church began offering the dinner, which recognizes the Swedish tradition observed by many in the Savonburg community. The earliest date of which anyone could be certain is 1920. Four women, all over 80, have been involved as long as they can remember. They are “stirrers.” They spend the day before the supper cooking the fish, a slow process that requires constant stirring. They are Mrs. Julia Carlson, Maude Lindberg, Ethel Westerberg and Gladys Ericson.

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