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April 26, 2019 - 4:43 PM

In 1952, a band of Moran farmers came to the rescue of Leslie Bacon and Irvin Sanders who had fallen on hard times and could not attend their crops. On a Friday the crews descended on their fields and plowed 200 acres of land divided about evenly between the two men. Including a few boys, there were 59 individuals and 33 tractors in the party, not counting a score of women who served meals. Before the day was over, the spring plowing on the two places was complete and at least one field planted to corn. Excerpted from The Chronicles of Allen County: 1945-2000

65 Years Ago

April 1954

Mrs. Dora Dixon of Iola, who lives with her daughter Mrs. C. L. Steeley at 419 S. Ohio, will celebrate her 100th birthday tomorrow. She moved to Iola in 1910 with her two daughters and supported them by doing housework, taking in washing and similar tasks. In this period, Mrs. Dixon came to know many of Iola’s leading families and to win their respect. She was quite active both physically and mentally until just a few years ago. She remembers one battle during the Civil War which was fought only a few miles from her childhood home in Coles County, Illinois. She also recalls seeing Abraham Lincoln during one of his political campaigns.

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