A look back in time


May 28, 2019 - 10:11 AM

65 Years Ago

May 1954

One four-week-old colt, white with red markings and winsome ways, commanded more high priced talent at the Allen County Hospital this morning than any human who has arrived at the institution since it opened nearly two years ago. The colt, owned by Howard (Tony) Immel, showed up with a badly injured front left leg. Dr. Ray Stanzel was called in to care for it. He wanted an X-ray to see if a bone or a tendon was the problem. Frank Milne offered to hoist the colt into his firm’s service truck and bring him to the hospital. Charlie Gray, superintendent, said it would be possible to wheel the portable X-ray unit to the ambulance entrance and take the picture there. When Doc Stanzel, veterinarian, and the colt arrived they were greeted by a bevy of surgeons, including Dr. Frank Lenski, Sr., Dr. Frank Lenski, Jr., Dr. Gerald Pees, and Dr. Leo Robinson. With them were Mrs. Lucille Buller, R.N., and Arthur Pavelsek, X-ray technician. It was found that the colt had dislocated most of the tendons in the leg, probably by stepping in a hole on a practice gallop. One more individual took part. The electric cable on the X-ray machine wasn’t quite long enough. Dave Shannon happened by and provided an extension cord.

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