A look back in time


January 15, 2020 - 10:10 AM

A new dress code adopted by the Iola High School Student Council goes into effect Jan. 25. According to the code, girls should not attend school with their hair pinned up and they should not wear scarves in the classroom. Sweatshirts are considered to be gym clothing and not appropriate for classroom wear. Plain T-shirts, commonly considered to be underclothing, shall not be substituted for shirts unless tucked into the trousers and worn only during warm weather. All clothing shall fit properly, being large enough to provide freedom of movement and to avoid an appearance of undue tightness. Jeans and slacks are eliminated altogether for girls. All extreme haircuts or bleaches that attract attention to the point of disrupting classroom work are prohibited. Principal Floyd Smith said these rules are less strict than in most SEK schools. 


All IHS sophomores are to take a mental maturity test. Virgil Albertini, the sophomore English teacher, will administer the test. The Kansas State Department of Public Instruction under the National Defense Education Act is supervising the examination.

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