A look back in time – April 1981

40 Years Ago


April 8, 2021 - 8:25 AM

In results that can be described as nothing less than extraordinary, four write-in candidates were elected to city government positions in Humboldt yesterday. Alvin Lassman, a former Humboldt mayor and former Allen County Commissioner, unseated incumbent mayor Tom Rutledge, 440-268. Elected to the city council by write-in votes were Harvey Mueller, Dale Marney and Larry Kaufman. The write-in campaigns were sparked by the decision by the council to allow the cable television franchise to lapse, ending service to Humboldt subscribers last week.


LONE ELM — The voters of Lone Elm decided, 28 to 2, not to unincorporate the city in Tuesday’s election. So the city remains a city. 

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