A look back in time- June 25, 1951

69 years ago


November 11, 2020 - 10:04 AM

Inducted in 1951 during the Korean War by the Allen County Board of Selective Service were, front row from left, Voral Manson and Murray Runnells; back row, H.E. Seefeldt, William F. Robb and “Kurt” Hibbs. The men were headed to Kansas City’s induction center to begin their service in the Army. A bus escorted the men out of town by a truckload of musicians, including Louis Kinman, David Peck, Phil Smith and Richard Funk. Those who were selected for duty with the armed services were give at least 21 days in which to wind up their current civilian affairs. EXCERPTED FROM THE CHRONICLES OF ALLEN COUNTY: 1946-2000. Register file photo

The Korean War, which opened a year ago today, has cost the lies of three men from this immediate vicinity and many others have been wounded  on its battlefield. Among those involved were Col. Robert L. Thompson Jr., who served as information officer for the eighth Army. He was on the battlefield for nearly eight months. First Lt. Jack Kelley was with the 10th Corps and participated in heavy  fighting in nearly every phase of the conflict. Within 20 days of the start of hostilities, two men were fatally wounded. Cpl. Robert Calahan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Calahan, Colony, was fatally wounded July 14. On July 20, Pvt. Elmer E. Norvell, son of Mrs. Fred Sellman, LaHarpe, was fatally wounded.  His stepbrother, Sgt. Eugene Sellman, was also wounded in action and has recovered. Cpl. Fred Walters, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Walters, was mortally wounded on April 29. Others who have been wounded include Cpl. Levi Beaver, Pfc. Johnny Britt, Pfc. Dallas Earl, Cpl. Curtis Jeffers, Pfc. Christie Kaufman, Cpl. Donald E. Miner and Ernest Webb Jr. 

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