Boss is off limits for relationship



March 8, 2019 - 5:20 PM

Dear Carolyn: My boss and I formed a very close friendship, which turned into me having feelings for him. I told him around the new year. He confessed that he questioned his feelings, but ultimately he is my boss. We act like business partners, though, with me supervising the staff. Some of our staff call us Mom and Dad.

I put up some boundaries since he rejected me. We strictly work together and don’t go out as friends. I desperately miss our friendship, and I would love to have that back.

I almost talked to him about wanting to renew our friendship, but then I realized he is dating someone. And it hurt to hear that. Because truthfully, I am still holding on to hope. And I am incredibly angry at him for giving me hope. Had he simply rejected me and not held my hand while he told me that he has questioned his feelings for me, I probably would have moved on. But here I am. A 40-plus-year-old women with a crush on my boss.

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