Get your doughnut fix fast



November 2, 2018 - 6:56 PM

Apple cider, nutmeg and mace flavor the batter for these giant doughnut holes, which fry up with a thick crust. A toss with cinnamon sugar finishes them off. CHICAGO TRIBUNE/ABEL URIBE/TNS

Baking isn’t heavy lifting — unless you attempt a slab pie and the slab measures 21 by 15 inches. Then, it demands core strength.

You make this discovery after slicing 15 pounds of apples, rolling 6 pounds of pastry, grinding 2 pounds of crumble and sprinkling 1 pound of sugar. Grasping two corners of the pan, you tug. Hard. Muscling 24 pounds of pie into a hot oven, you learn, is easy — compared with getting it out.

The downside of the 21-inch wide, 400-degree slab pie strikes you — right at T7, mid-thoracic spine. Justin, the physical therapist you later engage, identifies the spot when he prods your back and declares: “Here?” Followed by: “What were you lifting again?”

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