Have fun this summer at a low cost

Enjoying the weather and summer activities does not have to break the bank. Community Vitality Agent Amanda Clasen has tips on how to make the most of your summer at a low cost.



June 10, 2024 - 1:22 PM

Planting a vegetable garden can provide fresh and healthy food options over the summer. Photo by PIXABAY

School is officially out for the summer, the kids are home and are eating mom and dad out of the house. If you are like me, my summer calendar fills up fast with activities and trips and I find myself trying to figure out where to cut costs while trying to make all of the fun things happen for my kids and family. So, how can you take advantage of the summer weather but still save money?

Here are a few ideas that I have found to make summer a little less costly but still allow my family to enjoy the great summer months and activities:

Pick one “thing” a week: Getting invited to multiple outings or activities seems to be the task that takes up most of our time and money throughout the summer. Try to pick one thing a week that you really want to do with your family and that you really want to spend your money on. If a friend asks you to dinner and you already have plans for another meal out that week, look into finding another interest that doesn’t cost money such as a trip to the park or a fitness walk.

Check out local opportunities: Lots of local organizations and local parks and recreations offer activities for youth and family to participate in. The local extension office is a great place to find summer learning opportunities for youth with our summer programming efforts. Using the Sunflower summer app that the State of Kansas provides also offers admission to several local attractions free for families.

Plant a vegetable garden: If you are looking for fresh and healthy food options over the summer, consider planting a garden. Including the whole family by allowing younger children or grandchildren can help with watering the plants and checking in to see how they are growing. Being outside helps stimulate thought and provide sanctuary in our busy lives.

Plan day trips or short road trips: Summertime is a prime time for travel for many families. Pay close attention to the high and low seasons for travel. During the high season or months, it may cost you more because of demand. Day trips can help you save on hotel and other accommodations. If you are looking for more ways to make the best of your summer and do more with your family or friends, you could also think about camping. If you already have camping gear, maybe plan a short camping trip instead of a road trip.

Use community resources: This ties the earlier point about paying attention to local opportunities or events. Make sure to check out your local library for summer programs for both youth and adults alike. There also are summer food and reading programs that offer low-cost or free activities for individuals and families.

Summer is often a more expensive season for most families. Trips, more social outings, and larger food budgets can be stressful against family budgets. If you are able to throw some low cost and free activities into your planning and budgeting skills, you will be able to plan on how to not spend all your money and still have a fun summer.

For more information, contact Community Vitality Agent, Amanda Clasen at [email protected] or at 620-244-3826.

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