How to overcome vaccine resentment

"Yes. Release it. Let go of any sense of responsibility for individual outcomes like this. Tell your friends, 'Good for you,' and be glad for each micro-step toward collective immunity"



March 3, 2021 - 8:52 AM

Dear Carolyn: I don’t know how to deal with my feelings about how the COVID-19 vaccinations are rolling out. I have a very close group of friends, none of whom are high-risk. A couple have managed to get vaccinated through what I think is some level of abuse of privilege. One is a doctor, but hasn’t seen a live patient or stepped into a store since March, but qualified for a vaccine because she’s affiliated with a hospital that offered them. Another fully remote worker, who does not leave the house, lives in a state that allows the public to volunteer at vaccination centers and offers them a vaccine, which feels problematic because only so many people can volunteer a full day of time.

I’m conflicted because ideally I think everyone who wants to should be able to get vaccinated right now as doses sit on shelves. But something about these specific stories isn’t sitting right with me.

I’ve reacted by just not participating in this group’s conversations, but is there a better way?

June 22, 2022
June 7, 2022
June 6, 2022
March 10, 2022