Efficient ways to feed hay in drought

A drought can make it tough for cattle producers to turn profits with decreased amounts of quality forages, poor animal performance, and limited water.



November 28, 2022 - 2:36 PM

Throughout the summer and fall, the Southwind District has been in D2 (severe), D3 (extreme), or D4 (exceptional) drought. This has compromised pasture quality, reduced surface water availability, diminished cattle condition, and increased hay prices while reducing quality and quantity. This article discusses different cattle feeding methods to increase feeding efficiency and profitability.

Feeding Efficiency – Quantity and Quality

No matter the feeding method, bale waste is directly affected by how much hay you are providing cattle at one time. Providing a daily hay ration can reduce hay loss by 25% compared to providing two or more days’ rations at a time. 

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