Family treasures in storage actually went to the dump

A couple's furniture and home goods were kept in storage with the thought it would go to a family member. Instead, that family member decided those items were better suited for the dump.



February 7, 2023 - 1:38 PM

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Dear Carolyn: Several years ago, my parents faded and entered assisted living. My siblings and I quickly had to sell and empty their house. What made the most sense was giving their furniture and home goods to my sister who lives four hours away, for her children to eventually use when they move out. My parents and I talked frequently about how nice it would be for them to have practically fully furnished apartments right out of the gate.

My parents died in 2020. A few weeks ago, I visited my sister and asked to see the stored furniture. She told me that she had taken what she could fit in her car but that it didn’t “make sense” to rent a truck and store furniture until her kids needed it, so she took the rest to the dump.

I am so shocked and hurt. When I asked why she agreed to it, she said she just wanted to get Mom and Dad’s house empty.

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