Top-dressing wheat with nitrogen’s amigos

Our heavy clay soils can benefit from adding sulfur and chloride



February 23, 2021 - 11:21 AM

The need for nitrogen in wheat is well known, but sulfur and chloride deficiencies are more common in than many farmers realize. Sulfur deficiency looks a lot like nitrogen deficiency and chloride deficiency looks just like a fungal disease, that is if either can be seen at all. While commonly associated with sandy soils, sulfur and chloride deficiency is possible in our heavy clay soils. No-till fields tend to have more trouble with sulfur as well.

Sulfur in wheat

Sulfur requirements in wheat starts slow in the fall and early spring, but then takes off shortly after green-up. Deficiency looks just like nitrogen except the yellowing occurs in younger leaves rather than older leaves. The wheat will be stunted and spindly with slowed growth and fewer tillers. 

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