Stimulate your roots with timely fertilization



April 23, 2019 - 10:08 AM

Thank goodness spring has finally sprung! Everyone I talk to seems to have been more than ready for winter to leave. I know many gardeners have been out working the soil and getting plants in the ground. If you have been or are getting ready to be in the garden, think about adding some transplant solutions (fertilizer) to give your plants a jump start.

Transplant solutions are mild fertilizer solutions that are applied to newly transplanted vegetables and flowers. Transplant solutions are also called starter solutions or root stimulators. Plants not given a transplant solution often develop a purplish tinged to the leaves caused by phosphorus deficiency.

The soil may actually have plenty of phosphorus in it, but plants have difficulty taking up nutrients in cool soils. A starter solution places soluble nutrients near the roots so the plants get off to a good, strong start.

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