Ludlum family meets for 100th reunion


August 22, 2018 - 10:49 AM

The Ludlum family held its 100th reunion on Aug. 19 at Iola’s Riverside Park Community Building.
Howard Ludlum presided.
New officers are: Doug Thompson, president; Josh Ludlum, vice president; and Jessica Burnett, secretary. Don Bauer said he would remain as treasurer for the next few years.
The Josh Ludlum family, assisted by Jessica Burnett, will host the 2019 reunion.
Eighty-two family members attended:
Debra Ludlum, Iola; Jordan Drybread and Lisa, Iola; Doug, Paula and Mina Drybread, Chanute; Josh and Amanda Ludlum and two children, Louisburg; Ruth Settlemyer, Neosho Falls; Janet and Kari Shadden, Elsmore; Neal Brown, Chanute; Mike and Jean Roberts, Olathe; June and Bruce Metzer, Chanute; Gordon and Evelyn Roberts, Overland Park; Jerry and Amy Ludlum, Chanute; Wilburn and Barb Ludlum, Vassar; Dennis and Janice Baker, Humboldt; Max and Bethel Ludlum, Elsmore; Earl and Sue Ludlum, Hillsboro, Mo.; Max Patterson and Mary Ann Magnuson-Patterson, Iola; Don and Donna Bauer, Iola; Charles and Phyllis Hays, La Cygne; Cindy Ritchie, Savonburg; Travis Terrell, Savonburg; Roger and Sharon Bland, Iola; Wil Thompson, Wichita; Doug Thompson, Wichita; Cathy Long and two children, Parsons; Kelli Ludlum, Lawrence; Heather Doughtie Ford and her husband and one child, Park City; Cindy Schooley, Olathe; Joe and Ann Ludlum, Uniontown; Jeff Ashcraft, Kansas City, Mo.; Shirley Ludlum, Moran; Travis Terrell, Erie; Evert Ludlum and two children, Chanute; Jerry Smith and two children, Baldwin City; Steven Ashcraft, Oklahoma City; Mick and Kris Ramsey, Kincaid; Judy Baker, Iola; Kathi Yokum, Humboldt; Jessica Greene, Olathe; Wyatt and Jessica Burnett, Elsmore; Howard and Linda Ludlum, Kincaid; Susan Morrison Young, Iola; Cheyne and MacKenzie Sager, Olathe; Bruce, Patt and Jonathan Ludwick, Paola; Loretta Ashcraft, Olathe; and Mikayah and Enesynce Henning, Olathe.  
The meeting place was full, the names of others may have been omitted.
Those still needing to update their family sheets should send updates to Phyllis Hays, 501 N. Seventh St., La Cygne, KS  66040.  


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