New home, new rules for the holidays



December 19, 2018 - 10:02 AM

Dear Carolyn: We are in our 30s, financially independent with young children, in our own home. When we go to my in-laws’ house for holidays, we always abide by their rules, as in, no football-watching because the TV can’t be on during family time, games must be played after dinner, etc. They’re annoying and my husband would make comments about missing whatever game, but we went along with it.

Now my in-laws are coming for the holiday, as it’s much harder for us to travel with the kids. The in-laws have strongly hinted they want their traditions and rules, but in our house.

I think because it’s our home, we should be able to add my traditions and do things that make husband happy — like watch football while we make dinner. Husband agrees but is not thrilled about an argument. Thoughts? — My House, My Rules?

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